Definitive TreatmentsDefinitive Treatments is what most people understand orthodontic treatment to be.

It is when all the adult teeth have erupted and a SINGLE phase of treatment is undertaken to achieve a final outcome.

This phase of treatment is usually from age 11 onwards. The goal of definitive treatment is to position all the adult teeth (excluding wisdom teeth) into their correct locations in the mouth where the teeth are in harmony with the lips, cheeks and tongue, and meet the other teeth in a precise bite, ensuring this position maximises the stability and long-term health of the teeth and the surrounding bone and gums – the perfect smile and bite.

When this equilibrium is established, the teeth will function properly and the smile should be in harmony with the face.

Definitive treatment usually involves full upper and lower braces and is sometimes combined with other appliances such as jaw expanders or other appliances to achieve these outcomes. In most cases, the best time to do this treatment is at the start of the pubertal growth spurt, using that final growth of bones to allow the best outcome to be achieved.