Types of TreatmentsOur treatment aim is to staightent the teeth and improve the smile but this must be done in keeping with the harmony of the face. Often I see teeth that have been straightened but they do not fit the face. Wide smiles in narrow faces or big smiles with lots of teeth and gum showing in short faces does not improve facial harmony.

We have incorporated space age technology to accomplish the movement of teeth with known and measured forces using one tenth (1/10) the force used with other appliance systems.

Treatments can be classified as one of the following

This result in a favourable biological approach to treatment with lighter forces and additional treatments benefits:

  • Fewer extractions of adult teeth. Yes, we still need to remove teeth in some cases, but our goal is not to extract teeth unless absolutely necessary
    Less complex appointments. We use pre-programmed wires and brackets that we tailor to your case and are like an auto-pilot on a plane, the plane will fly itself most of the way. The pilot is there only if something is not going well. We spend lots of time preparing your tx so that the auto –pilot works the best. This usually means fewer appointments and the shortest time in braces.
  • Better tissue response reduceing any side effects such as root resorption (shortening) and gum or bone loss (periodontal disease)
  • More stable/permanent treatment results
  • Less discomfort!!!!

Here are the most common item numbers we use. To assist you with calculating rebates that you may be eligible for from your health insurers, please contact your health insurer to ask what rebated you will gain from these item numbers. Penrith Orthodontics will provide a written quote following your consultation but in the mean time to assist with calculating your rebates, please contact your insurer or visit their webpage to ascertain what rebates these item numbers may obtain.

017 Consultation on referral or 015 Consultation without referral

071 Diagnostics models (usually 2 are required)

073 Photographs outside the mouth, 072 photographs inside the mouth

081 Analysis of Cephalometric X-ray film

082 Tooth size / and ratio analysis of dental arch

If x-rays are required the most likely codes are:

037 Dental Panoramic Tomogram, 036 Lateral skull cephalogram

You will be advised of the appropriate treatment codes at your treatment planning appointments e.g. 831 Fixed braces to one arch, 821 Removable brace to one arch