No referral is needed. Simply phone us for an initial consultation. This consultation may take up to 30 minutes. We gain a throrough understanding of your problems, take any xrays or photographs needed (no cost for these) and discuss all the treatment options, pros and cons and discuss timings and costs of these treatment alternatives. A written quotation for treatment will then follow.

Once we have decided what and when to treat, orthodontic treatment can then be broadly achieved from 2 main types of appliances.

1. Fixed (bonded) appliances – bonded to the teeth such as braces.
2. Removable appliances – plates used to produce basic tooth movements or clear aligners such as Invisalign.

The main differences: fixed appliances offer precise tooth movements in a predictable way. If we have something permanently attached to the tooth we know that it will work and can adjust the tooth position accurately and predictably.

Appliances that are removable will only work when they are worn and often we, as the orthodontist, can’t predict how often a removable appliance is being worn and therefore can’t predict how treatment will progress. Because the appliance is not attached to the tooth, the fit of the appliance is not as accurate and may limit some types of tooth movement. Removable appliances are easier to clean as they can be removed to clean them. They can be removed for cosmetic value such as social outings and photographs, but are limited in the type of tooth movements we can deliver. There are certain types of tooth movements that cannot be completed by removable applianes such as moving impacted teeth down from within the gums, closing large spaces, uprighting severely tilted teeth etc. We can advise you if your case is suitable for removable appliances or Invisalign

We do not restrict ourselves to a “one brace fits all” treatment philosopy. We will discuss with you the options available and the cost benefit of each option. There is no such thing as a “miracle” brace, despite what some people advertise on the internet. If there was such a miracle appliance, we would all be using it! Your treatment needs to be specifically designed for your particular needs and the appliance chosen that best suits your treatment.


There are 3 main costs associated with orthodontic treatment:

  1. The initial consultation
  2. The orthodontic treatment
  3. Other treatment that may be needed in addition to the orthodontic treatment, this may need to be done by your dentist or another specialist.

Xrays are done for free. Retainers that are needed after the braces are removed are included as part of the COMPLETE orthodontic fee; as are any post-treatment review appointments once the braces are removed. There are NO hidden or extra costs. Other orthodontists will quote a fee for the braces that seems cheap but then add fees for xrays, plaster casts, xrays and xray analysis, retainers, emergency fees etc making the overall cost of treatment much higher.

We will quote you a single fee for treatment that includes ALL the components you need.

We will provide you options for treatment, the costs and alternatives.

We will give you a TOTAL cost. Our fee for braces included