We offer payment plans for most treatment options.

Finance plans extend from 12-36 months. Most standard orthodontic treatment plans are 18 months in duration.Payment plans are interest free and can cost as little as $50 per week. There is a deposit that is needed at the commencement of treatment which is approx. 20% of the total fee depending upon the treatment type.

Treatment using ceramic braces and Invisalign treatments are usually a little more expensive than standard orthodontic treatments. Payment plans can be adjusted to fit your circumstances.

We also are happy for 3rd parties such as grandparents to contribute to your treatment. We are recognised by all the health insurers and in most cases the item number for a complete course of orthodontic care is 881. USe this item to search your insurers web site before your consultation to calculate what rebate you may be entitled. Other item numbers can be provided once your treatment plan is finalised.

Most health funds have a life time limit for orthodontics but will have different payment schedules. You should ask your fund for the details of rebates, how they provide refunds eg yearly, monthly etc and how the length of your treatment will affect the refunds you may receive.